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During this time, we will be accepting e-transfer for tithes and offerings. To send a e-transfer, set the recipient as “giving@theridgechurch.ca”. Set password as “offering”. If you want your offering designated, write that in the messages section, otherwise it will go to the General Fund. Auto-deposit is turned on.



Here’s this week’s bulletin.


Ridge Nursery Service & Resources

Nursery Parent Cue (March)

Anxiety Conversation Guide (Pre-School)


Ridge Kids Service & Resources

Ridge Kids At Home Activities

Ridge Kids Parent Cue (March Week 3)

Anxiety Conversation Guide (Elementary)

Family Devotional (Elementary)

Family Devotional (Pre-Teen)

Family Resources

(ARTICLE) Managing Fear and Anxiety During a Health Pandemic

(PODCAST) Helping Kids Navigate Anxiety – Naming the Worry Monster