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Off The Ridge


We want to go “Off The Ridge” to show our region how much God loves them!

People Involved

Hours Served

Acts of Kindness

Dollars Raised

Service Projects

Below are our group serving projects that you can sign-up for. Click on a project that interests you to sign-up or find more information.

Millville Park Clean-Up (Sunday, October 27 @ 4pm)
Meet at the fire station to pick clean up the park in Millville. Last year a truck full of garbage was picked up!

First Responder Snacks (Tuesday, October 29 @ 9am-5pm)

During the day, take some snacks to the ambulance bay or RCMP detatchment in Nackawic with a note of appreciation. Homemade is best!

NES Fall Fest (Wednesday, October 30 @ 5:45pm-7:45pm)

Nackawic Elementary has asked for 20 people to come and help run stations for their fall fest. There’s something for everyone from serving cotton candy to running a mini-golf game!

Trunk or Treat (Thursday, October 31 @ 5:45pm-8pm)

We are holding our annual Trunk or Treat Event in Nackawic again and are looking for more trunks! We ask that you bring one box or bag or candy to supplement what we are providing. Thank you very much to Ryan’s Pharmacy, Riverbend Log Homes, A1 Detailing, and Merle Wallace Ltd. for their donations to this event!

Food Bank Sorting (Friday, November 1 @ 10am-12pm)

Travel up to Valley Food Bank in Woodstock and help sort food, folding clothing, and help organize their items!

Hot Lunch for Teachers & Staff (Friday, November 1 @ 11:45am-1pm)

We are looking to honour the teachers and staff at Nackawic Middle and High School with a hot lunch on Friday. The staff is farily large, so we will need different main dishes and deserts. 

Food Bank Collection @ Save Easy (Saturday, November 2 @ 10am-2pm)

We will be setting up a table in front of the Save Easy in Nackawic to collect food for the Valley Food bank in Woodstock. Please sign-up for a 30 minute shift (or more if you like!).

Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

  • Pack Groceries in Nackawic
  • Coffee for postal workers/mail delivery people
  • Government Garage
  • Millville & Nackawic Town Council
  • Goods for local businesses
  • Meals and/or goodies for shut-ins, sick people, etc.
  • Rake Leaves
  • Pile Wood
  • Love a senior
  • Pay it forward at the drivethrough
  • Help a neighbor with yard work
  • Put back neighbors garbage can
  • Walk people around with an umbrella on a rainy day
  • Shop for a shut in
  • Deliver coffee/cold drinks to construction workers
  • Free babysitting
  • Notes of encouragement (bonus points through the mail)
  • Give a gift card/thankyou note to a cashier or someone who serves you regularly

Tell us what you did!

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Photos and Serving

Took cinnamon buns next door to the neighbor who had been in hospital with severe vertigo. Also took a church bulletin, inviting them to church

Coffee and muffins to the Millville post office ladies on Tuesday morning

 Dip/ corn chips / salsa & Brownies to  Millville Fire Dept. on Monday night meeting / training.

Sent a gift (knitted dishcloths and B&B Works soap) and card to a lady who is recovering from chemo treatments.

Gave a gift to a Homecare worker

There she was: a young mother with three children – aged ten and under, who all excited about getting Halloween costumes! What fun it was to walk up to her and pass her a $20 this morning!  “Our church is doing RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNES this week, I’d like you to have this.”

Paid for someone’s food order at the drive-through

Prepared & served hot chocolate & hot apple cider at  NES Trunk or Treat – helped with cleanup after.

Visited a shut in lady in the Village , took her muffins & Chutney

Gift for a new neighbor; including gift for the family, for the little three-year-old and for the Momma