Chilli Cook-Off

Our first annual chilli cook off is happening on Sunday, February 9th after the morning service. Voters will go around and sample each chili, then mark their favourite on the ballot. Once they’ve voted, they can have a scoop of their favourite! The winner will be announced at the end of lunch, with the winner being awarded the “Golden Pot Award”!

2020 Results

PlaceChili NameChefPhoto
1Party in a BowlJustin McGuigan
2Chili FunBonnie Wallace
2Chili with a KickSandra Clark
3Chili CheeseKalie Clark
4Yummy Yummy in Your TummyVesta McIntosh
5Nacho ChiliTerrilyn Macfarlane
6The Hot HipsterMarleigh Genereaux
6Beefy Boi ChiliRyan Genereaux

Instructions for Participants

  1. Prepare enough chilli to fill a large crockpot.
  2. Bring your chilli in a crockpot and a spoon to serve it with.
  3. Drop your chilli off in the kitchen before service and fill out the entry form.
  4. Don’t tell anyone which chilli is yours – this is a blind people’s choice contest!
  5. Once your chilli is dropped off, your job is finished! We will serve your chilli during lunch so you can enjoy the tension of wondering if you won!


Instructions for Voters

  1. Collect your ballot from the table at the entrance.
  2. Take a spoon from the provided container and sample each chilli. Use a new spoon for each sample.
  3. Once you have sampled each chilli, write down which was your favourite in your ballot, and submit it into the voting box.
  4. Rejoin the line and get a scoop of your favourite chilli!