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Fall 2020 Kick-Off Information


Below is a summary of our Facebook live Video posted to our group with information regarding the relaunch of Youth in the fall. You’ll also find other information that is important to you as a caregiver. Thanks for trusting us to invest in your students each week!

-Pastor Ryan


COVID-19 Procedures

  • Arrival – Doors open at 6:45 to limit mingling. Please do not arrive before this time. Students will then move upstairs and be seated with the person they arrived with. Every person sanitizes hands as they enter
  • Active Screening – We will be taking the temperature of every student with an no touch thermometer. If they have a fever, you will need to pick up your child. If they are feeling sick in any way, we are asking that they stay home.
  • Bubble – Since it would be nearly impossible to know who every family is bubbled with, students who arrive together (same vehicle) or are related will be considered the same bubble. We need caregivers to help us with explaining the concept of social distancing  to their student.
  • Baked Good Snacks – Vesta hand out snack with gloves as they come in
  • Small Group Rooms – Rooms will measured to see capacity for 1m spacing with masks or 2m without, as per provincial guidelines. Masks must be worn in small group
  • Games – Low contact games
  • Tuck Shop/Canteen – Please send a larger amount of money for your student so they can prepay for tuck to limit cash handling. We test ran the system of subtracting from the total over the summer like they do at camp and it worked really well. Items requiring touch (sour keys) will be distributed by the tuck worker with tongs and sanitized.
  • Increased Cleaning – High touch surfaces will be sanitized, along with every room that is used
  • Bathrooms – Basement bathrooms limited to 1 person at a time and students are expected to wash their hands.
  • Water Bottles – Please bring a water bottle as we will not be serving water in cups as the kitchen will be closed
  • Pick-Up – Please come to the door to pick up your child – this is for safety with the parking lot. Once you come to the door, we will get your student and who you’re bringing home. If there is someone who is not allowed to pick up your child, please put that on the form.

Contact Information

As with every year, we collect contact information on students in case of an emergency. This allows us to contact you if we need to get ahold of you, but also lets us do special things for birthdays. This year, we are moving away from paper forms and doing them all online. You can fill out the form here. If there is an outbreak at Youth, your contact infomation will be provided to Public Health for contact tracing, as legal required.



  • Where can you find information about Youth?
    • For example: cancelation for bad weather
    • Facebook group – If you’re not a part of the Ridge Youth Facebook group, get in it. Search “The Ridge Youth” and I’ll approve you. You have to answer some questions to join, but once you do I’ll accept
    • We will also be sending out emails, so if you want to get on that list, sign up tonight.
    • Also: forms and info for events will always be on my door or on the bulletin board beside my office
  • Updating Information
  • If you ever can’t afford and event, just talk to me and we can figure something out. We gave out over 600$ in scholarship money last year

Fall Series Topics & Bottom Lines

Worth Repeating

A four-week series on the Parables of Jesus.

WEEK 1: God loves you even when you’re lost.

WEEK 2: At God’s party, the invitation is for us all.

WEEK 3: When it comes to prayer, don’t quit because it’s quiet.

WEEK 4: Putting others first changes us and our relationships for the better.


A one-week stand-alone message on divorce.

WEEK 1: Even when your family changes, God doesn’t.

What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

A five-week series on Joseph.

WEEK 1: When you can’t see the bigger picture, remember the impact you have on your family.

WEEK 2: When you can’t see the bigger picture, remember God is with you.

WEEK 3: When you can’t see the bigger picture, do the next right thing.

WEEK 4: When you can’t see the bigger picture, trust that God is working for your good.

WEEK 5: When you can’t see the bigger picture, choose to forgive.


A three-week series on Easter and the Crucifixion

WEEK 1: Because of Jesus, separation is defeated.

WEEK 2: Because of Jesus, sin is defeated.

WEEK 3: Because of Jesus, death is defeated.


The Team

It takes a lot of people to pull off Youth group each week! Here are the faces of the people who put in the time! 

Ryan Genereaux

Youth Pastor

Marleigh Genereaux

Middle School Girls Small Group Leader

Honey-Lee Beaulieu

Middle School Girls Small Group Leader

Vesta McIntosh

High School Girls Small Group Leader

Brent McIntosh

Middle School Boys Small Group Leader

Nathan Moore

Middle School Boys Small Group Leader

Andrew Bernard

High School Guys Small Group Leader