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Youth Group COVID-19 Guidelines


Hey Everyone! Long post alert but please read it all.

We are excited to announce our return to in person gatherings beginning this week! Our hope is to slowly relaunch Youth, ramping up to the fall. As things change, we will be posting more information in this group. Below is our plan for the next few weeks.

Please help us by explaining to your student the importance of social distancing before Youth.

-Pastor Ryan


New Normal

– Must keep 6ft apart. This includes if you have bubbled with another family (cousins for example). It will be easier to just keep 6 feet apart from everyone.
– We will be outside
– If it rains, youth is canceled. A call will be made at 5pm whether or not Youth will be taking place and posted in this Facebook Group and on Discord.
– We are required to collect contact information for everyone who attends. This will happen on a student’s first night and we will keep attendance like we usually do for Youth. This isn’t new, but many people never filled out the form last year. Digital form can be found at this link: https://forms.gle/i3UPD9wFHPyUtCe2A . Paper forms will be available the night of, but we really prefer you use the online

Sixer Mixer

– July 9, 2020
– 7-9
– Same as above but we will have a bonfire. This event is open to everyone who was old enough to attend Youth last year but students entering grade six will be allowed to come
– Play some games, get to know the leaders, low key night
-We’ll have the BBQ, but it would be a great help if a couple of people could bring a big bag of chips or a 2L of pop to supplement what we have. Chips will be put into individual bags by a gloved leader than handed out. Since our group has grown, we’re trying something new to help alleviate the cost of feeding everyone. NoName is definitely good enough!

After That (Starting July 16)

– Youth will happen Weekly from 7-9pm
– Youth will be similar to the past but outside (Hang out time, small talk, small groups, and a some sort of game that is low/no contact as per GNB regulations
– small groups will “grade up” (If you’re going into grade 9 in September, you’ll begin attending the high school group).