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Today’s Sermon

“I want to believe, but…what about science?” -Pastor Ryan



I want to believe, but… It can be difficult to believe in a God we cannot see. We wonder why God didn’t answer our prayers, why God allows suffering, or why we can’t feel His presence. God may not meet all your expectations—but that’s good news! Today we’ll be talking about science and faith. Our messages are posted on the church website and can be found on Spotify. Everyone has questions, and church should be the safest place to ask them!

Bereans Potatoes – The Bereans is the longest-running small group at our church, but their ministries reach much further into our communities! They support individuals and families in need by doing meals, gas cards, welcome baskets, and so much more! They raise money by selling 50 lb bags of potatoes for $8. Speak to Marilyn or Dave to get yours!

Christmas Events on the Ridge! The time has come where we celebrate the birth of Jesus who is the saviour of the world! There are a lot of different events happening in December that you and your family can take part in – everything from carolling to variety shows to parties! Check our the insert or go to christmasontheridge.ca to get more information about what’s going on at our church!

New Church Website The time has come for us to update our digital presence! Visit the website to find our bulletin in digital form, messages, and other information. We are going live but the site is not complete, so more information will be added in the coming weeks. Visit the site at theridgechurch.ca. We just couldn’t wait to show you!

Community Corner

RVCA Christmas Wreath Fundraiser Locally Made 12” Balsam Fir wreaths for sale. $10.00 each without bow or $14.00 with festive Christmas Bow. Decorate your home, your business, or give as gifts.  Our students will be taking orders, or you may stop by the school to place your order.  Full payment is due at the time of your order, with delivery/pickup at RVCA Dec. 4th.


Attendance (Last Week) – 147

Giving (Last Week) – $3,725

Baptisms (2019) – 3

Salvations (2019) – 13

Groups (Last Week) – 48

Serving (Last Week) – 39

Heat Pumps

Raised – $7,775

Needed – $17, 224

About our Church


We are a group of people who love God, grow together, and serve others.


Lead Pastor – Mike Agrell

Family Life Pastor – Ryan Genereaux


We support Global Partners including: Allan & Sheri Stevens (Albania), The Tattons (Haiti), and Amplified Leaders which provides biblical training for pastors in developing countries.

We also support Caton’s Island, located in Browns Flat, NB, providing Christian Summer Camps for children and teens. Additionally, several of our church family have personal prayer and financial commitments to ministries local to our area and around the world.

We are a part of the Atlantic District of the Wesleyan Church.